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September 06, 2008


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Radiohead, for me anyway, has really become THE band for this millenium. No other group captures that disjunction of modern life, where a person is both connected through techonolgy to everyone, yet totally alientated from them at the same time. That really came through on In Rainbows, which may be there best work since OK Computer, and in some ways surpasses it. Being free from a major label and making music for themselves for the 1st time, really liberated them, and they play with a passion they hadn't shown since maybe Kid A. But where Kid A excelled on a technical level, it's detached sensibility left me kind of cold. In Rainbows is infused with feeling, rarely more so than on my favorite track "All I Need" whose soaring finish still gives me chills.

Judging from your post, it sounds like you and the rest of the crowd was just stunned into silence. What other band can have that effect on a crowd?


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