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September 06, 2008


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been wonderin' what happened to you. welcome back.

yes, you're right..."It's Alright, Ma" was kinda wack. but "Master of War" and "John Brown" had relevance and impact, and tunes like "Lonesome Day Blues" and "Honest With Me" were properly rockin'. (notice that songs from the last couple of albums still have the arrangements we know. it's all the early stuff that he's played a billion times that he's f*ckin' with. artist prerogative, of course, but yes, it can be frustrating.)

after seeing so many shows this summer, i was struck by how different Bob was from the other artists in how he doesn't try to connect with/please the audience. everyone else engages the crowd throughout their show (even Me'shell); Bob didn't say anything til the end. it's almost as if he's become the anti-showman in an effort to diffuse the cult of personality that surrounds him. of course, the fact that he does so and still has thousands of admirers coming to see and cheer him only proves how overwhelming the cult of personality is (and how loved the songs are, of course...even when they're unrecognizable).


fyi: some pics of the show (not by me) can be found here: http://www.brooklynvegan.com/archives/2008/08/bob_dylan_prosp.html

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