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January 21, 2008


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Dylan's is an ooooeuvre with which i've been in perpetual grapple for awhile now. i've loved him ever since my earliest days of serious musicheadedness, but it amped up in 2001 when his 60th birthday buzz was all about.

speaking of the movies you mentioned, i wish they'd do an official release of "Eat the Document" (DA Pennebaker's footage of the 1966 UK tour with The Band), but at least there are lots of clips from it in Scorsese's doc. i think Cate's channeling as much of that exhausted, speed-freak Bob as the Bob of "Don't Look Back."

as for the covers, i like Karen O's take on "Highway 61 Revisited," but i agree that most versions can't hang with the originals. maybe the better covers come from artists who don't already wear Dylan's influence too conspicuously. or maybe it's the artists who tap into his spirit as an influence, even more so than his sound, that come up with something interesting (like The Roots and Hendrix).

as for particular faves, it's hard to narrow down, but Bringing It All BAck Home/Highway 61/Blonde On Blonde-era Bob, as well as Blood on the Tracks/Planet Waves, and Love & Theft are probably listened to most often. extra-special love to "Going, Going Gone," "Groom Still Waiting By The Altar," "Visions of Johanna," and "High Water" (just to name a few of many).

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