We are a married couple in our early 30s, with no kids, living in Brooklyn, NY. “Music Is Love”* is our collaborative blog about the vital role of music in our life together, about how we experience music as partners and draw joy and happiness from it. Unlike most blogs, ours goes fairly light on the nerd/hipster wankery and has a strong emotional component – it’s about not just music but the glorious intersection between music and love. The subject matter consists of riffs on this theme, discussions of new songs and records we enjoy and, above all, accounts of our nights out on-the-town at concerts and clubs and other music-related events. The ideas and descriptions belong to both of us, but the words themselves are provided mostly by the husband, a book editor by day, who goes by the moniker “MC.” Photos come courtesy of the wife, whose online handle is “AW” and who was once a professional concert photographer.

* “Music Is Love” is also a nice hippie anthem by David Crosby, but if you’re looking for a review of a CS&N reunion show this may not be the site for you (though we did see Levon Helm in Central Park recently). Our taste in music and concerts is diverse but overall it tends toward hip-hop and R&B, classic funk and soul, reggae and dancehall.